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Coaches Spotlight: Bill Bakamus Mark Morris


Scorebook Live’s Dan Dickau visits with Bill Bakamus, head coach at Mark Morris High School, following his 600th win.

Hometown: Morton, Washington

HS/College: Morton High School, University of Puget Sound

Athlete in HS/College: Three Sport Letterman Football Baseball Basketball/ Two Sport Letterman Basketball and Baseball

Coaching Career: 1 year Coulee Hartline, 8 Years at Toledo, 27 years at Mark Morris

Why did you get into coaching?

I love the thrill of competing and being a part of young men's lives.

Outside of your current team/program, what are your coaching aspirations?

I would like to someday coach internationally. Preferably in Greece or Italy.

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Who is your coaching mentor?

My high school coach Ron Nilson is a WIBCA Hall of Famer. His approach was unique. Another is Don Zech, who was a nationally recognized coach. He was a man of integrity, and had a very productive college coaching career. Both of them had an influence on me in a positive way.

What is your best coaching resource?

Books, Videos, Television. It is all right there for anyone who wants to learn and continually improve.

Who is the best coach you’ve matched x/o’s with?

Phil Lumpkin Odea, Matt Gruhler Skyview, Brian Roper Lynden, David Long Columbia River.

Who is the best player you’ve coached?

Wow, tough one. Too many to name. Here are a few: Scott Merzoain, Ted Duffey, Josh Wilson, Matt Argyropolous, Will Burghardt, Gabe Matthews, Mickey Polis, Eric Hutchison, Steve Trotter, Evan Kirkpatrick, and my all time favorite Rem Bakamus.

Who is the best player you’ve seen at the high school level in WA?

If you are talking during my 36 years of high school coaching... NATE ROBINSON! What an electrifying, energetic, competitive, hard nosed player. Simply amazing. I would choose him first in a pick up game every time no matter who was in the gym.