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SB Live Player Diary: Mount Si's Jabe Mullins gives insight on importance of in-home visits in recruiting process

Mullins, a 6-5, 195 pound guard, is a four-star Saint Mary's commit
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Jabe Mullins is a senior at Mount Si High School. He is the author of a periodical public journal with Scorebook Live Washington, which takes fans behind the scenes of his basketball journey. Follow Jabe on Instagram at @jbmullins5.


So, in case you hadn’t heard, I made a pretty big announcement last month: After a long recruiting process, I committed to play college basketball at Saint Mary’s College.

One of the most important things to me in this decision-making process were in-home visits.

Obviously there were many other factors in my decision, such as the style of play, roster, player development and winning culture. However, the in-home visits let me know how invested the staff and program was in me, and how high up on their list I was. 

Schools are allowed to come and see players on Sept. 9, so when a school came and saw me on that first day, it showed me how much they wanted me to be in their program. If they waited a few weeks to come and see me, it gave me a good idea that I was not high up on their list. In-home visits also allowed the coaches to meet my family, friends, coaches, and see what my community is like. 

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It gave them a background on who I am as a person. For me, the in-home visits made my decision a lot easier. Saint Mary’s came to my house three times in two weeks and every single visit went incredibly well. The first visit, head coach Randy Bennett came to my high school and had a meeting with my dad, my high school coach Jason Griffith, and step-mom. 

After the meeting, he went up to my mom’s house with me for a couple hours to hang out and meet my mom. The second visit, coach Bennett came to see me at my high school and watch me play open gym. The third visit, I met with assistant coach Marcus Schroeder and Ingraham big man Mitchell Saxen (a fellow Saint Mary’s commit) at a teriyaki restaurant for a few hours. 

Each visit was different but effective and helped me with my decision a ton. 

When Stanford came to see me they were a top three choice for me, but after the visit it was clear to me and my family that it was just not a great fit. The next day I decided not to go on my official visit to Stanford as I was supposed to that upcoming weekend.

I love Oregon State’s program, their coaches and everything about them, but when they waited for a couple weeks to come and see me it showed me that I was not a priority for them. Utah State also came twice to see me and it went great, and in my mind they were my number two choice, but Saint Mary’s was just too far ahead of everyone else that I knew it was the place for me. 

If it weren’t for in-home visits, my choice would’ve been much harder.