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Awarding co-state basketball championships is the best resolution if the CIF basketball finals can't be postponed (column)

On the morning of Thursday, March 12th, the CIF announced its decision to cancel the state basketball championships that were to be played on Friday and Saturday at the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento due to numerous concerns regarding the coronavirus.

If the finals could in any way be postponed, that would obviously be ideal. While one can hold out hope, the CIF's wording that the rest of the postseason is canceled seems to eliminate the possibility. Therefore, I believe that it would only be fair to award co-state championships in some manner.

Searching for reasons that these kids and their programs who made the state finals should be denied even partial consolation, the best reason I can think of is that it theoretically wouldn't be fair to past state champions who had to win that last game or go home with no title.

At the same time, being awarded co-championships would still pale in comparison with getting to play a finals game (at Golden 1 Center no less) and winning it all. If you gave the 12 state finalists the choice between a co-championship or the opportunity to play for all the marbles, all 12 of them would choose the latter.

Some kind of resolution is warranted for these kids who have worked their entire lives to get to the level they are at and earned the right to the experience what those before them have had. Declaring co-championships would be far from even getting the opportunity for the 50% chance of winning it all, and far from one last chance for the seniors to step on a basketball court in an organized setting that means anything, but it would be something.