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Northern California football team's season cancelled amid 'disturbing' racially-charged chat allegations

Amador of Sutter Creek's season is over after three games on the field

A week after school officials cancelled a game, now the Amador-Sutter Creek football season is over. 

According to a report by Joe Davidson of the Sacramento Bee, the Board of Trustees for the Amador County Unified School District announced Monday night the results of investigation into a 'disturbing' group chat between players on the team with racial overtones. 

Based on that investigation, the the school district cancelled the team's season. 

A Sept. 17 game between Amador and Rosemont was cancelled shortly before kickoff based on discovery of those chats. According to reports, those chats were directed at Rosemont players.

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In a letter to parents on Monday, Amador County Superintendent Torie F. Gibson wrote: 

"On September 17, 2022, the District suspended the Amador team pending an administrative review of allegations concerning a highly inappropriate group chat threat involving the majority of the varsity football team. The scope of the allegations escalated the need for an external investigation by an independent investigator, with some of the allegations being referred to law enforcement. Our initial estimate for this review is predicted to be a minimum of 30 days.”

Taking that amount of time, the district decided it was best to pull the plug on the rest of the season. 

In three games on the field this season, Amador (0-3) was outscored 106-34 after going 0-10 in 2021. The program won a SJS title and a CIF Northern California 6-AA crown in 2016 and went a combined 35-15 from 2016-2019.

The 111-year-old school has an enrollment of approximately 650 students.