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Vote now: Alonso-Sickles game - Incomplete pass or fumble?

There was one play from the Alonso-Sickles’ game from Monday night that still has many scratching their heads

TAMPA, FLORIDA- Now we don’t mean to come on to officiating hard at all because the referees at every game have a very tough job to do to begin with. 

One play from Monday night’s rivalry game between Alonso-Sickles did catch the eyes of many via social media and has us begging the question whether it was an incomplete pass or a fumble? 

On the play, Sickles’ linebacker Rufus Ferguson comes on a blitz and ends up hitting Alonso quarterback Terrell Russell Jr. in the back, forcing what seemingly looked like a fumble. Teammate Erich Raymond picked up the apparent fumble and would have had a chance to score on a fumble return, but the play was called dead. 

The officials on the field called the play an incomplete pass, thus nullifying any potential for a turnover or return for a score. The Ravens did ended up winning the game 17-14 over their rivals the Gryphons. 

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Maybe the infamous Tom Brady ‘The Tuck Rule Game’ (obviously Alonso-Sickles wasn’t an NFL game) incomplete pass from 2001 came into play here? Nonetheless, this game is in the books but does bring us to wonder what could have been in this high school contest. 

We put this poll together to let you be the instant replay official on this one: Is this play an incomplete pass or a fumble? 

Please vote and give us your take via the comments on the play. 

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