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The #BeTheLightWA movement is an illuminating moment during a dark time for Washington high school seniors


What is lost for this class of seniors will never be recovered.

But thanks to the #BeTheLightWA movement, at least they are being remembered.

On Friday night, high school football stadiums throughout Washington will light up at exactly the same time - "20:20" (8:20 p.m.) - for 20 minutes as a way to honor the class of 2020.

"It's a way to say something to the seniors - that we love you, and we want to give you something," Eastmont High School athletic director Russ Waterman said.

And yet, district officials statewide stress that this isn't meant to be a "social gathering," and that families should keep Governor Jay Inslee's stay-at-home mandate strongly in mind.

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"We want to stress that everyone stays in compliance with social distancing guidelines," WIAA sport activities information director Casey Johnson said. "That looks different for each district."

So what exactly are seniors supposed to do? Here are three suggestions:

Strict law abiders: Do what many district officials are suggesting, and stay home (and symbolically turn on your porch light at approximately the same time). You will see plenty of the stadium outline through social media.

Reasonable people: Get in your car, drive by the stadium and honk your horn. This likely will be the most popular option. This is what will bring a smile to the face of the #BeTheLightWA organizers (mostly athletic directors).

Brave villagers: You can try and get an extended peek of the action by storming the nearest parking lot, even taking a few selfies with the lit-up stadium and glowing scoreboards in the background and then finding the nearest exit.

"Honk, wave - just do something positive," Yelm High School athletic director Rob Hill said.

Whatever you choose to do, remember it lasts only 20 minutes. And then the lights dim once again.