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Los Angeles School District officials release tentative return-to-play timeline for high school athletes

"I did hear positive feedback from people very high up that they are in support of getting athletes back on campus," LAUSD athletic director Trent Cornelius said.

Schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District may be able to begin socially distanced conditioning workouts on Nov. 2, LAUSD Director of Athletics Trent Cornelius announced in a meeting with athletic directors on Thursday.

"We don't want to be personally responsible if our kids are not able to participate [in athletics] if the county protocols and CDC protocols allow it," Cornelius said. "If they're allowing athletic participation we want to make sure that we're doing everything we can ahead of time to give our kids an opportunity to participate."

The tentative schedule for athletics in LAUSD is below. The schedule is still tentative because it hasn't been officially adopted by the district at this time.

"Consider this presentation a preview and not necessarily the action plan that is ready to be rolled out," said Cornelius. "Once we're ready to be rolled out, there will be more details."


The key to the return to the field in November is LAUSD’s ability to test all staff, students and families within the district for COVID-19. LAUSD signed a $48.9-million contract with startup company SummerBio in August, per the LA Times, to perform COVID-19 tests within the district. Once the testing initiative is up and running and assuming it works as intended, the district will allow conditioning at school facilities. The conditioning will be outdoor only and consist of small groups of five to 10 athletes socially distanced.

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