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Top stars, best performances in Missouri boys high school basketball

Some of the top stars and best performances last week in Missouri boys high school basketball
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By Luke Sanders | Photo by David Smith

Listed below are some of the top stars and best performances last week from Missouri high school boys basketball. If you know of a top star we should include, please let us know in the comments. 

Kyan Evans, Staley

The 6-foot-1 junior point guard scored 20 points Friday night in a 51-35 win against then-No. 1 Liberty in the finals of the C.W. Stessman Invitational. For his standout performance over the three-day event, Evans earned all-tournament team honors.

Jordan Fuemmeler, Higbee

Fuemmeler scored 38 points and had nine rebounds in a 78-37 win over Braymer on Friday. 

Coby Williams, Versailles

Williams scored 37 points and had seven assists despite a 101-97 loss to California on Friday. 

Michael Howard, Plattsburg

Howard had 34 points, 7 rebounds, and 6 steals in the 68-50 win over Northland Christian. 

Caleb Walker, Eugene

Walker scored 25 points and had 15 rebounds in a 73-61 victory on Tuesday. 

James Hawley, Westwood Baptist Academy

Hawley scored 23 points and had 6 steals in the 52-23 win over Eagle Ridge Christian on Tuesday. 

K’dyn Waters, Neosho

Waters scored 30 points and had 10 rebounds in the 77-71 win over Willard on Monday. 

Brock Lucas, St. Elizabeth

Lucas scored 30 points and had six rebounds in the 76-66 win over Vienna on Tuesday. 

Arlandus Keyes, O’Fallon

Keyes scored 20 points and had six rebounds in the 56-51 win over Dixon on . 

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Corbin Axtell, Grundy County

Axtell scored 22 points and had 11 rebounds and six steals in the 71-47 win over East Harrison. 

Frank May, Lutheran St. Charles

May scored 24 points and had four assists in the 72-65 win over Lutheran North.

Connor Turnbull, Fort Zumwalt North

Turnbull scored 35 points and had 13 rebounds and eight blocks in the 62-50 win over Washington on Friday. 

Andrew Young, Marquette

Young scored 34 points and had eight rebounds in the 70-55 win over Vianney on Wednesday. 

Nick Kramer, SLUH

Kramer scored 22 points in the 56-49 win over Soldan on Wednesday. 

Jahaad Fort, Priory

Fort scored 20 points, had 8 rebounds, and had 5 assists in the 54-36 win over St. Dominic on Wednesday. 

Will Geary, Valley Park

Geary scored 43 points and had 18 rebounds in the 76-70 win over Hancock on Wednesday. 

Ade Popoola, Parkway North

Popoola scored 27 points and had eight rebounds in the 59-52 win over Summit on Tuesday. 

Ja’Marion Wayne, Parkway West

Wayne scored 25 points and had 15 rebounds in the 61-60 win over Oakville on Tuesday. 

Andre Montemayor, St. Charles West 

Montemayor scored 21 points in the 64-38 win over O’Fallon Christian on Tuesday. 

Noah Holland, Hillsboro

Holland scored 21 points and had five rebounds, four assists, and four steals in the 64-34 win over St. Clair on Tuesday. 

Kobi Williams, Westminster

Williams had 20 points in the 49-35 win over MICDS on Tuesday. 

Anthony Caldwell, Lift for Life

Caldwell scored 20 points on only 11 attempts in the 71-69 win over Lutheran St. Charles on Monday. 

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