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How Chris Burgess' basketball experiences guide him today as an assistant coach at BYU: The Iso podcast with Dan Dickau


BYU assistant coach Chris Burgess joined Monday's episode of The Iso podcast with Dan Dickau to wax poetic about playing pickup at UCLA with Magic Johnson and Baron Davis, the ins and outs of transferring colleges in the late 90s, evaluating talent in the modern day ("It's hard to go unseen and unheard of in this day in age," he said.) and the BYU-Utah rivalry. Burgess was a 1997 Parade All-American from Irvine, Calif. — Woodbridge, Mater Dei High School — who played for Duke and Utah from 1997-2002 and more than 10 years professionally. He's now on Mark Pope's staff at BYU.

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The Iso with Dan Dickau is a podcast presented by SBLive Sports and the Bleav Podcast Network, which publishes weekly on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Dickau, a former Gonzaga All-American, NBA vet-turned basketball analyst interviews experts all corners of the sports world from coaches, front office executives to athletes about untold stories, memories and experiences. This episode was sponsored by Kaenon Sunglasses.

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