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Hudson's Bay dual-sport dynamo Jaydia Martin is SBLive’s 2A Senior Athlete of the Year

A GSHL player of the year in volleyball and girls basketball, the 6-footer honed her skills in a gymnasium where he mother organizes adult leagues.
Jaydia Martin Final

Welcome to a continuing tradition at SBLive Washington – honoring the WaFd Bank 2020-21 senior male and female athletes of the year for each classification.

Because the SBLive crew gets so immersed in specific sports seasons, it is nice to take a step back to pick a statewide honor on a broader scale.

The criteria isn’t too expansive: The starting point is finding seniors who are all-league/all-state performers in two or more sports. Totality of career is also a factor. So is administrator/coach/fan recommendation.

Enjoy as we honor some of Washington’s top multi-sport senior athletes!

Chances are, if you are looking for Jaydia Martin - she's in a gymnasium somewhere around Clark County.

It could be at Hudson's Bay High School where she starred in two sports. She earned Greater St. Helens MVP honors as both a setter in volleyball, and a wing scorer in basketball for the Eagles.

Or she is likely in the familiar gym where some of the most competitive adult men's basketball leagues in Vancouver are held.

"My mom (Tanya) plays in the men's leagues she coordinates at Ashley (Corral's) gym," Martin said. "So if I want to play, I know all the guys. I've known them since I was a baby."

One thing is for certain about the 6-footer headed off to play next season at Eastern Washington University: She never backs down from a challenge.