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What are the most unique Oklahoma high school mascots and nicknames?

Wardogs, Gold Bugs and Wampus Cats. ... oh my!

By Glen Brockenbush

While SBLive's national site is going through its brackets of most unique high school mascots around the country, we thought it would be fun to look through the most unique and peculiar nicknames in Oklahoma. 

And as a disclaimer, we are getting literal with the definition of unique: These nicknames are one of a kind, no duplicates. So apologies to fans of the Outlaws, whether you live in Marlow or Weleetka, because even if other states might not have Outlaws, there's still two of you in the Sooner State.

And even sole representation in the state doesn't land a nickname on this list; we're looking for creativity and wow factor. 

There may only be one group of Highlanders, one band of Pioneers, one pack of Jaguars and one fleet of Jets in the state, but you can find those in pro or college sports pretty easily. So here are the high school mascots and nicknames in Oklahoma that make you go, "Well, that's different," or "I've never heard of a team called that," or maybe even, "I don't know what that is."

Side: Big thanks to the folks at IWasAtTheGame and Will C. Fry for being great resources for this project.

Alva GoldBugs


While it may not be the most fearsome mascot to face in a fight, it is one of the most unique mascots in the state, even if there is no actual insect known as a "gold bug."

Miami Wardogs


I initially assumed "wardog" was some military term, earned during World War II. And that may very well be the case.

But based on the logo for Miami (for non-Okies, that's pronounced, "My-am-UH") High School, the term appears to be quite literal: That is a dog, and said dog is ready for war.

Dewey Bulldoggers


As you can see by the logo, the term bulldogger actually has little to do with Bulldogs at all. As it turns out, a bulldogger is another term for a steer wrestler.

Nowata Ironmen


We head less than 30 minutes to the east to one of Dewey's major rivals, Nowata, where we find the Ironmen, who are so named for the helmets worn by soldiers in the days of, I don't know, maybe ancient Rome?

Eufaula Ironheads


We go from Ironmen to Ironheads, which appear to be somewhat similar in definition. And Eufaula may not even be best known for its unique nickname, at least to sports fans, as it is the hometown of Oklahoma Sooner greats in the Selmon brothers: Lee Roy, Dewey and Lucious.

Waynoka Railroaders


As far as uniqueness, this ranks pretty high. As for defining what it means, I think that's self-explanatory.

Sallisaw Black Diamonds


Other teams in mining communities pay homage with nicknames like Miners, Mountaineers and others, but Black Diamonds is a unique one, especially considering it's more often associated with high-risk skiing.

Sand Springs Sandites


What the heck is a Sandite? That's a darn good question. And that's what makes this a qualified entry.

Paoli Pugs


These entries are not ranked, but if they were, this one would be high, but still docked points for one simple reason - look at that logo. That, sir or madam, is not what a pug looks like.

Bray-Doyle Donkeys


This barnyard animal may not seem like the most obvious choice as a mascot, but when you consider the sound donkeys make ("braying"), it makes more sense.

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And while this list is a judgment of nicknames and not logos, one can't help but admit donkeys look a lot more intimidating when flexing their biceps.

Watts Engineers


The teams in this small town on the Arkansas border get their name from the fact the Kansas City Southern Railway built a railway that went through it in the late 19th century.

Claremore Zebras


Sure, there's no such thing as a red zebra (that we know of...). But that shouldn't take away from the fact that every announcer who ever calls a game featuring this 5A school just outside of Tulsa has to/gets to say phrases like, "Here come the Zebras" and "He got tackled by a herd of Zebras there" or "The Zebras are running wild!"

And that's worthy enough of placement on this list.

Grove Ridgerunners


While Grove High School's official logo depicts some sort of red bird, the term "ridgerunner," particularly in Oklahoma, was used in reference to people who illegally transported moonshine by "running through the ridges" of the mountains.

Atoka Wampus Cats


I'll be honest, I don't fully know what a wampus cat is, or if it's even a real thing. According to our old pal Mr. Wikipedia, a wampus cat is a sort of cat-like creature that is referenced in American and Native American folklore.

And while Atoka may be the only school in Oklahoma to use the nickname, there are actually Wampus Cats in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Idaho.

Haskell Haymakers


When I hear "haymakers," I assume the name would refer to a powerful punch. ... Or people who make hay, one or the other.

But the logo for this school located about 40 minutes outside of Tulsa appears to depict bolts of lightning in the fist of what one would assume is some God of thunder and destruction. And honestly, that's way more intimidating than an Eagle or Bulldog.

Yukon Millers


In addition to being known as the hometown of Garth Brooks, this Oklahoma City suburb is known for its flour mill, which gave birth to the school's mascot.

Woodward Boomers


Woodward's nickname is derived from the settlers who believed certain unassigned lands in the Indian Territory we now know as Oklahoma were open to anyone who laid claim to them.

The name was actually briefly used by the University of Oklahoma, who, even after changing the team nickname to Sooners, incorporate the term in their famous fight song and rallying cry.

Chickasha Fightin' Chicks


Yep, they went very literal with this logo voted on by locals as part of the school district's rebrand last year. And while an angry chicken running up on you seems frightening enough, can you imagine one with boxing gloves and abs??

Cascia Hall Commandos


Similar to Wardogs, it's a military term but with a dog mascot. Either way, probably one of the few teams in the country you'll find with this nickname.

Southmoore SaberCats


Moore's third public high school was opened in 2008 and decided to go off the beaten path with its team mascot. And I think they made the right choice.

There were plenty of others that didn't make the top 20. Let us know which nickname is your favorite.