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Oregon high school football predictions from SBLive: Who will win in the state semifinals?

Here’s who we’re picking in every playoff matchup.
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West Linn or Central Catholic? Tualatin or Sheldon? North Salem or Liberty? Westview or Lakeridge? Thurston or Summit? Wilsonville or Bend?

Here’s who we’re picking in each of this week’s Oregon high school football playoff games. 

Agree or disagree with our picks?

Congratulations to Dave Ball, Dan Brood and Bob Lundeberg, who each went 14-2 to share the Round 2 title.

Photo by Dan Brood




(1) West Linn vs. (5) Central Catholic

JD Humburg: West Linn

Mike Swanson: West Linn

René Ferrán: West Linn

Dan Brood: West Linn

Alex Tam: Central Catholic

Dave Ball: Central Catholic

Bob Lundeberg: West Linn

Mitchell Forde: West Linn

Jarrid Denney: West Linn  

Taylor Balkom: West Linn

Michele Bunch: West Linn

(2) Sheldon vs. (3) Tualatin

JD Humburg: Sheldon

Mike Swanson: Sheldon

René Ferrán: Sheldon

Dan Brood: Sheldon

Alex Tam: Sheldon

Dave Ball: Sheldon

Bob Lundeberg: Sheldon

Mitchell Forde: Sheldon

Jarrid Denney: Sheldon  

Taylor Balkom: Tualatin

Michele Bunch: Sheldon


(17) Liberty vs. (28) North Salem

JD Humburg: Liberty

Mike Swanson: Liberty

René Ferrán: Liberty

Dan Brood: North Salem

Alex Tam: Liberty

Dave Ball: Liberty

Bob Lundeberg: Liberty

Mitchell Forde: Liberty

Jarrid Denney: North Salem  

Taylor Balkom: Liberty

Michele Bunch: Liberty

(18) Westview vs. (22) Lakeridge

JD Humburg: Westview

Mike Swanson: Lakeridge

René Ferrán: Lakeridge

Dan Brood: Lakeridge

Alex Tam: Westview

Dave Ball: Lakeridge

Bob Lundeberg: Lakeridge

Mitchell Forde: Westview

Jarrid Denney: Lakeridge  

Taylor Balkom: Lakeridge

Michele Bunch: Lakeridge


(1) Summit vs. (4) Thurston

JD Humburg: Summit

Mike Swanson: Summit

René Ferrán: Summit

Dan Brood: Summit

Alex Tam: Summit

Dave Ball: Summit

Bob Lundeberg: Summit

Mitchell Forde: Summit

Jarrid Denney: Summit 

Taylor Balkom: Summit

Michele Bunch: Thurston

(2) Wilsonville vs. (3) Bend

JD Humburg: Wilsonville

Mike Swanson: Bend

René Ferrán: Bend

Dan Brood: Bend

Alex Tam: Wilsonville

Dave Ball: Wilsonville

Bob Lundeberg: Bend

Mitchell Forde: Wilsonville

Jarrid Denney: Wilsonville 

Taylor Balkom: Bend

Michele Bunch: Wilsonville


(5) Estacada vs. (8) Scappoose

JD Humburg: Estacada

Mike Swanson: Estacada

René Ferrán: Estacada

Dan Brood: Estacada

Alex Tam: Estacada

Dave Ball: Estacada

Bob Lundeberg: Estacada

Mitchell Forde: Estacada

Jarrid Denney: Estacada 

Taylor Balkom: Scappoose

Michele Bunch: Estacada

(2) La Grande vs. (6) Tillamook

JD Humburg: La Grande

Mike Swanson: La Grande

René Ferrán: La Grande

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Dan Brood: La Grande

Alex Tam: La Grande

Dave Ball: La Grande

Bob Lundeberg: La Grande

Mitchell Forde: La Grande

Jarrid Denney: La Grande 

Taylor Balkom: La Grande

Michele Bunch: La Grande


(1) Kennedy vs. (4) Banks

JD Humburg: Banks

Mike Swanson: Banks

René Ferrán: Kennedy

Dan Brood: Banks

Alex Tam: Kennedy

Dave Ball: Kennedy

Bob Lundeberg: Banks

Mitchell Forde: Banks

Jarrid Denney: Kennedy 

Taylor Balkom: Banks

Michele Bunch: Banks

(2) Cascade Christian vs. (6) Dayton

JD Humburg: Cascade Christian

Mike Swanson: Cascade Christian

René Ferrán: Cascade Christian

Dan Brood: Cascade Christian

Alex Tam: Cascade Christian

Dave Ball: Cascade Christian

Bob Lundeberg: Cascade Christian

Mitchell Forde: Cascade Christian

Jarrid Denney: Cascade Christian 

Taylor Balkom: Cascade Christian

Michele Bunch: Cascade Christian


(1) Oakland vs. (4) Heppner

JD Humburg: Oakland

Mike Swanson: Heppner

René Ferrán: Oakland

Dan Brood: Oakland

Alex Tam: Oakland

Dave Ball: Oakland

Bob Lundeberg: Oakland

Mitchell Forde: Oakland

Jarrid Denney: Oakland 

Taylor Balkom: Oakland

Michele Bunch: Oakland

(3) Colton vs. (7) Weston-McEwen/Griswold

JD Humburg: Weston-McEwen/Griswold

Mike Swanson: Colton

René Ferrán: Colton

Dan Brood: Weston-McEwen/Griswold

Alex Tam: Colton

Dave Ball: Colton

Bob Lundeberg: Colton

Mitchell Forde: Weston-McEwen/Griswold

Jarrid Denney: Colton 

Taylor Balkom: Weston-McEwen/Griswold

Michele Bunch: Colton


(1) St. Paul vs. (5) Myrtle Point

JD Humburg: St. Paul

Mike Swanson: St. Paul

René Ferrán: St. Paul

Dan Brood: St. Paul

Alex Tam: St. Paul

Dave Ball: St. Paul

Bob Lundeberg: St. Paul

Mitchell Forde: St. Paul

Jarrid Denney: St. Paul 

Taylor Balkom: St. Paul

Michele Bunch: St. Paul

(2) Powder Valley vs. (3) Lost River

JD Humburg: Lost River

Mike Swanson: Lost River

René Ferrán: Lost River

Dan Brood: Lost River

Alex Tam: Powder Valley

Dave Ball: Powder Valley

Bob Lundeberg: Powder Valley

Mitchell Forde: Powder Valley

Jarrid Denney: Lost River 

Taylor Balkom: Powder Valley

Michele Bunch: Lost River


(2) Triangle Lake vs. (4) Spray/Mitchell/Wheeler

JD Humburg: Triangle Lake

Mike Swanson: Triangle Lake

René Ferrán: Triangle Lake

Dan Brood: Triangle Lake

Alex Tam: Spray/Mitchell/Wheeler

Dave Ball: Triangle Lake

Bob Lundeberg: Triangle Lake

Mitchell Forde: Spray/Mitchell/Wheeler

Jarrid Denney: Triangle Lake

Taylor Balkom: Spray/Mitchell/Wheeler

Michele Bunch: Triangle Lake

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