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Coach Glenn Williams Mead Q/A

Glenn Williams 


Mead High School 

Are you superstitious? 

Yes. Former baseball player which brings in all the idiosyncrasies 

What sports books/movies are your favorite?

Hoosiers and “My Losing Season” by Pat Conroy 

What is one word you hope your former athletes use to describe you?

Enthusiastic followed by “loving”

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What do you believe is the proper role of parents when it comes to high school sports?

We handed out a guide this summer :) Don’t be a “snowplow”. Let your kids have their own experience 

What was your most memorable moment as a coach?

Coaching both of my sons in state in the Tacoma Dome

Biggest challenge as a high school coach?

Making kids understand that it’s what they learn from this experience (about life) that will encourage and sustain them in the future

Who is the best player you’ve seen at the high school level in Washington?

Serious bias here… Adam Michael Porter was amazing 

Why did you get into coaching? 

At first, I think for almost any coach, it’s the natural competitive transition from player to coach. And because of that, it can be all about competition and winning. Later on you realize that you have a huge chance to make a difference in someone’s life, so in that way it becomes more. Like classroom teaching on the basketball court, a place where values and character can be taught and reinforced