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Coach Rick Skeen Kings Q/A

Rick Skeen 

Kings HS

Are you superstitious? 

Yes, very! Baseball guy. Lost 5 state titles in a row and burned 3 suits in process.

What sports books/movies are your favorite? 


What is one word you hope your former athletes use to describe you?


What do oyu believe is the proper role of parents when it comes to high school sports?

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Cheering for kids and encouaging proper character development 

What was your most memorable moment as a coach?

First state title after a bus crash 

Biggest challenge as a high school coach? 

Doing all the other jobs. Coaching is full time and then so is the job that pays the bills. 

Who is the best player youve seen at the high school level in Washington? 

Corey Kispert 

Why did you get into coaching?

I wasnt a very good player so I spent a lot of time on bench analyzing the game