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Graham-Kapowsin QB Josh Wood leads FSP over Heir Football: 'He is going to blow up (in recruiting) after this'

Next fall, Graham-Kapowsin High School will try and win a Class 4A football championship. But on Sunday, teammates faced off in the Heir vs. FSP showdown.
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PUYALLUP, Wash. - Josh Wood called the situation "complicated."

Without a doubt, it was.

Next fall, Wood will be trying to lead Graham-Kapowsin High School to a Class 4A state football crown - which would be its first in school history. And with all of their returning talent, the Eagles will be one of the favorites to do so.

But on Sunday night, Wood was the quarterback for Ford Sports Performance, his year-round training squad. On the opposite sideline of Heir Football were a handful of his high school teammates, notably running back Jalen Davenport, wide receiver Julian "Juice" Mason, offensive tackle Vega Ioane and twin defensive-line terrors of Curtis and Hunter Hill.

"I wanted my guys to do their thing, but I didn't want them to because we were on opposite teams," Wood said.

Wood was one of the standouts of the game, leading FSP to a 35-14 victory at Chief Leschi Stadium.

The junior led FSP on a touchdown drive late in the first half to close a deficit - 14-13. And in the second half, he got loose on a delayed quarterback run and scored an 18-yard touchdown to give FSP a 25-14 lead.

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"He was definitely, in my opinion, the difference maker on their team," Curtis Hill said. "It sucks to lose, but it's amazing to see him do that. He is going to blow up (in recruiting) after this."

That's not to say the Hill brothers treated Wood like any other quarterback.

Hunter Hill took Wood down for a sack - and then met him head-on when he took off on a quarterback scramble.

"Any other quarterback, I would have taken him to the ground," Hunter Hill said. "But I knew it was him. I wrapped him up and pushed him back because I did not want to hurt him. We are starting a season soon."

Mason made his presence felt for Heir, taking a short pass 20 yards for a touchdown in the first half that broke a 7-7 tie.

He also had plenty to say to his school quarterback, too.

"It was friendly competition. Out there, I was talking trash," Mason said. "But after the game, I was hugging it out with him.

"I mean, we've had good chemistry since third grade. It is unbreakable. Josh is my guy."