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Known for his fiery intensity, Kennedy Catholic's Micah Banuelos shows softer side at college announcement

The four-star offensive lineman decides to reveal his decision to play football at USC at his church - Samoan Christian Fellowship

DES MOINES, Wash. - When it comes to producing running lanes, or pulling off bodies from a football pile - you want Kennedy Catholic's Micah Banuelos on your side.

On the field, he is a different level of intensity.

"It's crazy," Lancers linebacker Xe'ree Alexander said. "The flip switches right on. He is a different person."

On Monday, the top class-of-2023 offensive lineman in Washington announced where he'll play in college - USC. The four-star recruit chose the Trojans over Oregon in a close race.

Equally telling Monday was the site at which the 6-foot-3, 290-pound All-American decided to make such a monumental pledge. He did it right in front of his church - Samoan Christian Fellowship.

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"When he's on the field ... it's just business. He goes all-out. He doesn't know how to go just 40 percent, or 60 percent," said Rodrigo Banuelos, his father.

"Take him off of the field, if somebody is crying, if someone his hungry, he'll said, 'Hey dad, give me a few dollars, I need to buy them something.' He has the biggest heart."

The teenager said a couple of months ago, the idea came to him to hold his college-decision ceremony at the church.

"I had to think of a place where I started from when I was a kid," Micah Banuelos said. "I still go to this church. I love my church family."

Approximately 60-70 came out Monday to cheer on his decision. Afterward, his pastor - Reverend Tuugasala Fuga - said a prayer. And then the celebration was on.

"Coaches tell me I have a switch I can turn on and off. I can control it. And being on the field, I let all my energy out and love for the sport," said Banuelos, one of seven siblings in the family. "When I am off, I am a loving person. I love my boys."

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